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“Words cannot express completely how grateful and thankful I am for your very hard work...."

Words cannot express completely how grateful and thankful I am for your very hard work on behalf of the HH family.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion for you have cared for JH as if she was family. Thank you for your professionalism and training. I am sure you have worked very hard to understand the law and become wise in its application. Thank you for your dedication to this case. I can imagine there have been many long hours preparing the many kinds of documents required, and words are not an easy thing to put down onto a blank page.

Thank you for your attention to detail. Pouring over jigsaw puzzles of minutiae is tedious work, and rarely gets any notice. Thank you.

Thank you for your ideals and your belief in the system. I have become very discouraged that our system can seemingly be so easily corrupted by those who lie or push ethical limits to win at all costs, and you have encouraged me and helped restore my belief that "Hey our system does work,” and that there are truly those people who are dedicated servants who fight to maintain the balance.

Thank you for your integrity, for keeping your word, following through, doing the things you say you will do. This seems to be a rare commodity today. Thank you for being trustworthy. Thank you for giving your best effort. There are those who become cynical and just do the minimum. I am so glad that you are not one of them.

Thank you for not giving up. I am certain that you, too, become discouraged. How easy it would be to become burned out and quit. I am not sure where you find your strength or how you manage to recharge your batteries, but I am so grateful that you have not given up on the really bad, discouraging days.

I feel, as the HHs do, that you are truly a gift. Without your unending dedication and assistance, truly, all would be lost.

With deepest and sincere heartfelt thanks, on behalf of my friends, Thank you for all you do and have done.

Fay Afra Criminal Defense Lawyer

Fay Arfa A Law Corporation

10100 Santa Monica Blvd, Ste 300
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: 310- 841-6805
Fax: 310- 841-0817
Email:[email protected]


“Truely the best defender in LA..."

After paying two other attorneys more money that I care to mention (Hundreds of thousands of dollars) To defend me in a federal criminal case, I came across Ms. Arfa. She not only helped me to truly understand my options for defense, she actually cared about the case’s outcome and didn't pressure me to plead myself out (like most lazy and inexperienced attorneys usually do). My only regret is that I did not find and use her services first. She is truly the best Defender. Thanks Fay Arfa!!!!!


“I have been so blessed to have such a brilliant attorney..."

I hired Ms. Arfa to help me with my case and we won! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Ms. Arfa. I cannot thank her enough. I am so happy. I feel so good. God is great! I can't get this smile off my face. I've never been so happy. I have been so blessed to have such a brilliant attorney. I cannot thank her enough for her great work.


“Wow,what a great outstanding job..."

Wow, what a great OUTSTANDING job, . . . I can't express to enough how good it feels too finally, finally, after seven years, to feel that I have an attorney that believes in me and the facts of my case and is fighting for me. So many, many things I argued with my trial attorney about, in which I knew to be important, should have been legally presented, and what not, really in fact did matter and should have been mentioned, presented and made part of my defense. So many of your arguments and points were the same ideas I had since day one of this mess in my life . . . Thank you for the great job and answering my questions.


“Our love and best wishes go out to you all for all you have done for my brother Francisco Maldonado, who is free at last..."

Our love and best wishes go out to you for all you have done for my brother Francisco Maldonado, who is free at last.

You fought like a true warrior, like a mother, like a sister, like the great human being and lawyer that you are. Those five years weren’t easy, but you always stood strong and brave by our side. Your professionalism, dedication, persistence, and passion paid off. I will never forget for as long as I live the “Not Guilty...”words pronounced by the Court’s Clerk; yes, it was a miracle. You and God were there to make it happen.

No one, including the first two unprofessional lawyers that represented my brother on his first and second trials, believed that our son would be found not guilty of First Degree and Second Degree Murder; except you! You didn’t give up on the appeal; we won it; you did not give up on the 3rd trial; finally, on the 4th trial you gave us our son back!!! We cannot thank you enough for all the good you have done to our entire family. We will continue our friendship and friendship for as long as you accept it. We love you, our angel.


“I am eternally grateful to whatever made it possible for such an intelligent and gifted person..."

I just wanted to give you my sincerest thank you for all you've done with my father's case. When he was arrested I was so emotionally wrecked I couldn't see straight. You were recommended by a friend of my father's. The only other lawyer I had spoken to, besides the public defender who told me right away the best we could expect was a plea bargain, was a Malibu lawyer who sounded more like a car salesman.

Your professionalism and patience put all of us at ease and made this awful situation more bearable. I do not know what would drive someone to become a criminal defense lawyer, but I am eternally grateful to whatever made it possible for such an intelligent and gifted person such as yourself to do so. You have my deepest respect.

“NO amount of money could have brought a better defense than you provided..."

#1 lawyer. Dear Fay, No amount of money could have bought a better defense than you provided. I hope I was not the worst client you have had. In your opening and closing remarks you made Marcia sound like a clown. I tip my hat to you for your attributes as a person as well as a lawyer. You're great.


“Warmest thoughts in mind from someone very grateful..."

Just a simple message, one that's often heard, but one with special meaning in every single word. A simple heartfelt thank you with warmest thoughts in mind from someone very grateful . . . to someone very kind!


“....A note of appreciation for all of your professional talent and time..."

Just a note of appreciation for all of your professional talent and time you gave towards my case. No matter how it turns out, you were great. Thanks, Fay. P.S. Thanks for returning my calls in such a courteous manner.


“I am so happy..."

I'm so happy. Thank you for everything. You worked so hard.


“Thank you..."

Thank you for being you. I will honor your work. Always.


“Your're MY angel..."

How are you? Fine I hope. As for me I am doing OK. (Staying out of trouble). I just wanted to say I love and miss you very much. Thank you again for all that you have done for me. You truly were heaven sent. You're my Angel! 🙂 I will write you again soon!

“....An honest, sharp, capable, and winning attorney..."

If you are researching attorneys and/or are considering using Fay's services, I would like to state the following as a record of my experience from beginning to end.

When I first called Fay Arfa, she was willing to give me objective advice and her expert opinion with regard to my case. She gave me great information and verbal assistance over the phone without EVER asking any deposit, payment, or even mentioning a fee. Most lawyers behave in the opposite fashion. Fay was willing to help me think things out before ever talking about money.

Later when I finally decided to use her services, she fought very hard for me. Fay did the things that a good lawyer OUGHT to do rather than cutting corners to save money etc. She never bowed down to the prosecutor in order to preserve any relationship, she never gave up in the fight for my case in order to make things easier or to preserve some relationship with the prosecution or the DA.

While every case is different, I must certainly mention: My case was originally filed as a Felony with the threat of six years incarceration. After Fay was finished with my case, it was reduced to a Misdemeanor with community service (no jail time). She was able to see the absurdity in the prosecution's effort to make a case out of nothing and try and put more innocent people under the heels of our dictatorial criminal regime which sucks money out of taxpayers’ pockets and keeps well- meaning citizens behind bars or "in the system" while true criminals walk the streets.

If you are looking for an honest, sharp, capable, and winning attorney, I would talk to Fay Arfa about your case. I would recommend her to any friend, loved one, or anyone who needs a great attorney.


“Thank you for giving back my son to me...."

I finally got my glass of champagne last evening at the hotel where the staff has been taking good care of me. You must be completely exhausted and deservedly so. Thank you for giving back my son to me. I was completely overwhelmed by the jury's response outside the courtroom [after the NOT GUILTY verdict]. They said so many heartwarming things I just was stunned . . . You are a superb lawyer and a wonderful person. Superlatives are not enough to tell you what is in my heart today. I am leaving on a later flight this afternoon and I know I will sleep all the way back to Baltimore. Have a nice long holiday weekend.

“Experienced Attorney that fights for You...."

I had never been in trouble with the law my entire life. Suddenly I found myself with allegations with a potential life sentence. Fay came to bat and fought for me. She is knowledgeable, experienced and tenacious. She works hard and will file motions on your behalf to fight for your freedom. When you are in dire straights you must have representation with a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of how the system works. Highly recommended!

“Faced serious charges, got off with nothing. . . “

I was working for LAUSD and got accused of a serious sex crime that could have changed my life forever. I have kids and a family, I was filled with anxiety and stress, Once I hired Fay she eased all of that immediately. She was in my corner from before I paid her the first dime. Emails and or calls you back fast. Doesn’t matter what time it is.

Fay saved my career and life, I was facing lifetime registration as a sex offender, her tireless work ethic and finding out every fact and detail got me off the charges and home free. I recommend her for everyone.

“Miracle worker. . . “

Fay is truly a consummate professional and a miracle worker. After speaking to several lawyers about filing to withdraw my plea due to ineffective counsel, I was told by all of them that it was highly unlikely that this would be granted. One (a reputable one at that) went as far as saying that she had never had this granted and that she did not know any lawyer that had accomplished this. When I researched layers and finally came across Fay, her extensive experience and credentials spoke for themselves. Fay was very frank and did not make any promises to me about what the outcome of my case may be and I appreciated that. However, I strongly felt that if anyone could accomplish such a monumental task, she could. Fay listened closely to what I had to say about my case (things I felt were important but my former lawyer repeatedly ignored), conducted a thorough investigation (that which my former lawyer failed to do), and gathered all necessary documents/information promptly. When I received a copy of the motion to withdraw my plea that she put together, I was extremely impressed and knew I had made the right decision by hiring her as my lawyer. The motion was very thorough and evidenced her extensive knowledge of the law. Her knowledge and experience also was beneficial in her discussions with the prosecutor as my plea was withdrawn and the charge was dismissed, an outcome that I truly didn’t think was possible. I would recommend her to anyone whose future is on the line and is seeking a lawyer who actually cares about her clients' well being and is willing to do whatever is necessary to get the best outcome in your case. I feel extremely fortunate to have had her on my side and I am forever thankful for what she did for me.

“Solid and unbiased legal advice from an expert. . .”

Fay is incredible! We just needed preemptive legal advice and Fay was knowledgable and calming. Her approach to law is to diffuse anxiety and educate. Her pricing is fair and the office was top notch. Truly a gem!